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ISR Warning and Truth email received on 11/21/09 from ISR staff


ISR Warning and Truth

11/21/2009 1:29:53 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

From: ISR_instructors@gmx.com,

To: klindsay@corplanservices.com, astewart@co.palm-beach.fl.us,

CC: JoAnn@JoAnnSwimSchool.com, andy@qualityswimming.com, info@babyotterswimschool.com, maryj@aquachamps.com,mckayswim@aol.com


Dear Instructor, Media or who it may concern,

There has been media and emails concerning information that has surfaced recently. Unfortunately the information portrayed is all true and I apologize for having to have to reveal it. A few of us in the ISR leadership team have to come clean and must blow the whistle. We can no longer follow the agenda given by Harvey, ISR and the so called leadership team. There has also been a rebellion by many ISR instructors that know these facts and demanding refunds and restitution. You are welcome to do as you please, it is your right.

The information that has surfaced recently has to do with revealing the truth and everything that ISR has been doing for years. It has come in the form of email, various flyers, internet, instructors themselves, and parents of students.

Harvey Barnett has claimed that he is a child psychologist for decades which is false. The facts stating Harvey is NOT a child psychologist is all true and you have all been perpetuating the lie and fraud for years. There is a website that came up where you can check his credentials and it will bring up archives of who currently or from the past has ever been licensed as a child psychologist in any state. They have all the websites for every state and it reveals the truth where Harvey lies. You may check for yourself if you have not seen it yet. http://infantswimmingfraud.webs.com/lies.htm

The 100% safety record is also a lie and fraudulent. A news paper article surfaced that quotes Harvey admitting a student died. We all advertise the point that no ISR student has ever drowned, but we all have been committing fraud and false advertising for years, to their benefit. I knew about this (and others) but was always threatened to never reveal anything or they would sue me and my family would be in ruins. The article is here http://infantswimmingfraud.webs.com/OrlandoSentinelMay16_1983.pdf

There also have been numerous children that have died. There are others that faded into a coma or have become unconscious in ISR lessons. The instructors and parents were coerced into never revealing what happened including signing documents to maintain confidentiality. The media and everybody has been perpetuating this fraud and lie for decades not ever fully investigating the facts behind ISR. They see children swimming and never ever question what this organization is really about.

What you believe is proprietary or intellectual information or techniques (swim-float-swim) have been around for years and long before Harvey ďinventedĒ it. The swim float swim is taught by many companies and organizations world wide. Unfortunately Harvey took something that was common-knowledge information and put his layers and layers of non-relevant protocols around it and claimed it as proprietary intellectual information or techniques. Unfortunately the information that was on this site reveals these facts. http://infantswimmingfraud.webs.com/techniques.html

The swim float swim has been developed and perfected by others without the crying, and has been more efficient for decades. You have no idea that this exists because we have deliberately kept you in the dark. Unfortunately you paid the money for something that you could have readily gotten from someone else or through research at the public library.

We all maintain old crude techniques inflicting traumatic crying to infants, but we have an explanation for it. You all know what that is, Harvey made it up. If you donít want to come to conference this year, just request a refund from your MI or email the leadership team. They will threaten and harass you but it is your right to request it if you donít want to come. They will want to charge you even if you donít come. I know Harvey and the group has to have your money as he is entrenched in many lawsuits that are costing him dearly.

There are other things of immoral and unethical nature that ISR has done for years but I will not write them here. It has already been revealed at this site thatís being circulated by many ISR instructors and parents of students. I saw literature at my church and it just made me feel like I wanted to curl up under a rock somewhere. You may do your own research at the site if you want. http://infantswimmingfraud.webs.com

All the money that you invested in your business has been lost. You may earn back some or most your investment, but you will always be paying for it. ISR has been psychologically controlling you and not allowing you to communicate with other instructors. Again, this is deliberate. The reason for this is total control of you and the rest of the instructors. We have been using cult controls on you forever but it is not to harm you. We just wanted more unconditional control so none of this information ever leaked out. I understand many of you have asked why you have to go to conference every year paying more money and losing time away from your families for really nothing. As you are aware, ISR canít think of any new things to teach you at Symposium. Symposium is really a refresher to keep you attached to the cult structure.

Harvey and the leadership team including myself have always harassed and threatened instructors that question these things. I canít hold my tongue any longer. I have to blow the whistle.

I fear retaliation if I reveal our identities. Just investigate the facts and you will see the truth. I wanted to tell you first before we create our smoke screen at Symposium. I am going to continue what I do for ISR and not reveal myself for fear of harassment and loss of family. I have to come clean and tell the truth. I am really a good person. I am sorry I have to reveal this to you, but I feel guilty about all the money that you have invested and lost, so I have to say something.


Happy Holidays,


11/3-11/15: (ISR) Infant swimming Resource Fraud (Phoenix)

Date: 2009-11-03, 10:48PM MST
Reply to: event-xvnrq-1450673021@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


Beware of
ISR "Infant swimming Resource" 

I teach infants to swim. There is a major problem that has just come up. I have to stop due to being duped and tricked into losing $15,000. They operate with cult methods to keep instructors in the dark so they can't figure out they are prisoners of them.
There has been a discovery of fraud. The lessons are dangerous to kids because the protocols, prompts and procedures are fraudulent and taken from others many years back. They have not perfected what they do so they only limit lessons to 10 minutes to mitigate the damage. The children cry and are traumatized from their crude techniques.

Seek lessons elsewhere with a nationally certified system like Red Cross or USSSA accredited.

ISR claims to have a 100% safety record of no drowning from kids that are ISR taught. This is false and a lie, WHY???   This is false advertising and further more, the founder of the company claims to be a child psychologist but really is not. He misconstrued his credentials to trick people into buying into his business in which he claims is his proprietary techniques. This is totally false and a total lie. Court papers prove he is lying and he has lost all trials. This information is black and white and non-disputable. They have deceived/defrauded the media and public for decades.

The cost of their business $15,000 in which they say they sell you their "proprietary intellectual property", of BS junk because other methods are more advanced and developed by the prospective developer not a thief . Don't get into this death trap. Your family could be in jeopardy if you do this.

ISR recently was sued, cited for discrimination of disability and now puts a disclaimer on their sites to try to show good faith.

Everything here is true and is documented.
I just saw this website http://infantswimmingfraud.webs.com 
and did the research and it verifys 100% accurate. I am very angry and disappointed at myself for getting duped .


I urge all the public and parents to avoid them and verify the information yourselves.

Go to http://infantswimmingfraud.webs.com yourself.


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